About Me

January 16, 2017

Live life with your Kids comes with the message that parenting is all about relationships with our kids, about teaching and training the heart, about using the whole of life to teach character, wisdom and life skills to our kids.

My name is Belinda - it is hard to introduce yourself without listing what you do first - we are more than what we do - we are who we are.  I am me - I love Jesus, I love my family.  I am a creative person who loves homemaking, scrapbooking, sewing and having friends over.  I need rest and space from people talking to me!  I enjoy reading (though between parenting and the internet I find my reading attention span has slipped!)  I enjoy being outdoors (though don't do it nearly enough).  I like the idea of gardening but watching a movie is more likely to win out!

Peter and I have four kids who are now mostly grown up - or well and truly on their way.  We are all-but finished homeschooling (one to go) and though that brings a sense of change into my life, I find that I am still very engaged with my kids - we still have plenty of conversations, at all times of the day, about all sorts of things.  Being available for my family, and helping my big kids in their endeavours still takes up a lot of my time.

Welcome to my podcast - I plan to build a library of encouragements that will encourage parents to be intentional, relational and heart focused in their family.